Here are 5 questions that will give you the answers to whether you need Planner.

Do you often forget important dates or appointments?

There’s nothing more infuriating than forgetting to go to a meeting or just being late because you can’t remember the exact time.
It happened to me more than once that I sat down in front of my computer for an online meeting earlier and I was extremely angry that my meeting partner was not able to sit in front of the computer on time. Oh well…

Having trouble prioritizing your to-do list?

daily planner

In everyday activities, the feeling of not seeing how to carry out your daily tasks is excruciating.
With the help of our daily planners, you can determine what are the 3 most important tasks that you need to complete that day, that week/month. You can then break down the 3 most important tasks into subtasks.

Set a deadline, mark important meetings and discussions.

Do you feel stressed about your To Do?

Lack of organization is one of the most depressing feelings.
Difficulty seeing through your daily tasks and to dos, plus the family to-do list (dinner with friends, children’s special lessons, etc.), so you feel overwhelmed by the burdens because things are out of your control.

Unfortunately, this will affect your mental and emotional well-being.

Never find the information you recorded?

At one time, my desk was covered with a multitude of scraps of paper, yet I never found the very important and indispensable but written down information. All my books were full of valuable and worthless information, sometimes hastily scribbled recipes, so they couldn’t even be organized.

Eventually, I learned to jot down information in my designer and everything where it belonged. If I want to make a meeting note, I put it in Meeting Notes. Writing a recipe on the prescription papers and deadlines or tasks in the appropriate boxes of my daily planner.

At the end of the day, I review my notes, tick off the tasks I have completed, schedule tasks that I did not have time to complete for another day.
Did I quickly jot down a recipe? I type it into the weekly meal planner and note the ingredients on the shopping list.

Meal Planner

Isn’t planning that difficult? 😊

Do you feel like you’re not making progress towards your goals?

Well, it’s time to break your goals into tasks and then subtasks. Set deadlines and milestones. And, of course, don’t forget to define what you will reward yourself with after the goal you achieve.

+1 What do I think makes a good planner?

You will be surprised, but it is different for everyone.

That’s why I love filofaxes.

Thanks to its rings, we have the opportunity to combine its inner plates to best suit our work and lifestyle.

And don’t forget, you want to succeed in any area of life – Stay organized!

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Have a Wonderful Day and Keep Yourself Organized!

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